What Does A Loose Vagina Feel Like?

For many women experiencing what they believe can be a loose vagina can be stressful. The common first indicator is lack of pleasure during sex, for both you and your partner. The vagina is just not tightening they way it used to around your lover, and it’s leading to dissatisfaction. It’s common to ask “are loose vaginas flappy and wide?

The truth is that visually it’s hard to tell if the vagina is loose. The only indication you will see is a sagging in the vaginal lips. This condition has to be taken care of by a cosmetic surgeon via a labioplasty.

But the things you should test to see if your vagina is really loose are the following:

  • can you insert more than one finger into the vag without any resistance?
  • do you have to insert larger objects inside to feel arousal?
  • are you having urine leakage when you sneeze, cough, or laugh?

These are all very common indicators that your vagina has become flappy. You can simply take care of the issues with an over the counter tightening cream like V-Tight Gel. There are solutions out there, you just have to know what you are looking for. Now you do, so go find one today!